Over the years our customers in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector have required our precision engineering ability to problem solve, as a result we have become more involved in the design and manufacture of equipment for production lines, from the handling of the base product through to final packaging.

Customers are under more pressure to reduce product changeover times on production lines, therefore we have developed, designed and modified components and also manufactured "purpose built" units to help enable them to achieve their targets. For example, rapid change parts, centre-lining devices, XYZ adjustment units.

One of the major problems in the production line enviroment is downtime due to machine component failure.

Shield offer a rapid response to these situations and can usually repair or replace parts in a matter of hours rather than days.

Further to this we offer a CAD drawing service, our engineer will visit your site and draw machine parts for manufacture. These drawings will be stored for future reference and parts can be kept in stock.

Our facilities and experience can help you with precision machining to manufacture pharmaceutical production tooling and packaging machinery replacement components and change or wear parts. e.g) Replacement or re-designed machine parts, Changeparts for most European packaging machines, Folding Plates for Cellowrapper machines, Infeed-outfeed conveyor scrolls, Bottle Pucks, Cap chutes, cap twists, cap torque heads, pick and place units for:
Bottle Sorters, Component Sorters, Fillers, Cap Feed Units, Capping Machines (Chucks, Reamers, Crimps, Presses), Labelers, Cartoners, Overwrapers, Heatshrink Units, Packing Machines (Boxers etc.), Conveyor Units, Blister Tooling and De-Blister Tooling. (Tablet Reclaiming). Blister Transfer Buckets.