CAD/CAM Design

We offer a complete Design service from component to full tool design utilising the latest CAD/CAM packages from Delcam.

Our CAD packages enable us to import data from most 2D and 3D systems that can then be analysed for manufacturing.This stage of a project is critical as it can improve component functionality, reduce the need for modifications, increase part life and reduce  development costs.
If a component is to be machined i.e. a prototype or machined part, we program direct from a 2D drawing creating feature data or alternatively from 3D data producing programs and loading them to the machine controls over our network or DNC links.

We can produce 3D models from 2D paper (sketch or CAD) or electronic drawings or by reverse engineering your existing components.

CAD/CAM Software and data types handled:

Autodesk Product Design Suite Inventor: ipt, iam, iges, step, sat, neu.
Delcam PowerShape:- psmodel.dgk.iges step dxf.& most others through PS-Exchange.
Delcam PowerMill:-As above.
Delcam FeatureCam: fm. iges. dxf. dwg.
AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop:-dwg.iges.dxf.
AutoCAD 14 dwg: iges. dxf.
AutoCAD 2006LT dwg: dxf.
CamteK PEPS Wire