We specialise in the manufacture of precision engineered components, utilizing a wide range of materials such as mild steel, plastics, alloys, hardened steel, and stainless steel for a high volume of production.

Engineering expertise

Shield Engineering have developed a standard of engineering expertise in the manufacture of high-quality precision machined components and tooling.

Our comprehensive engineering service has been developed over 25 years in the business. Highly skilled engineers are involved at the very beginning of any project guaranteeing a smoother and cost-effective transition from design concept to manufacturing.

Shield Engineering has invested wisely over the years and installed CAM software to complement our range of CNC machinery, this enables us to handle customer files and produce programs ranging from simple 2D components to full 3D machining of surface forms with 4th axis integration. We machine components in a variety of materials from engineering grade plastics and aluminium to stainless steels, titanium and exotics including Duplex and Super Duplex.

Quality Accredited - ISO certified

Quality is of the utmost importance to us and in 1992 we achieved accreditation from Lloyds Register and now hold certification to ISO 9001:2015 demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance.

To ensure the highest standard of workmanship we provide an apprentice scheme and ongoing training to all our personnel.

Continued investment in the latest technology enables us to be extremely competitive. This coupled with highly skilled staff, we believe we offer an excellent package to all our customers.

Our key areas integrate to form a high-quality economical facility to manufacture a wide spectrum of industries in the UK and also Europe.

Continued investment

Continued investment enables us to be extremely competitive, this coupled with a highly skilled and flexible workforce allows us to offer an excellent package to our customers.

We offer a rapid response at all times to ensure all our customer requirements are met.

Shield Engineering employs highly skilled people in every department at our facility which extends to approximately 13000 square feet.

We are located in Cramlington, Northumberland just north of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the north east of England with easy access to all transport links.

Committed to green energy

We’re trusted by some of the world’s largest Renewable Energy firms to deliver parts and components for various applications that meet the most stringent specifications and tolerances
At Shield Engineering, we understand the unique needs of customers in the renewable energy sector and are committed to providing high-quality services to help you succeed.
Our team of experienced engineers has extensive knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy industry, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing custom solutions that meet your specific needs.
With our focus on CNC precision engineering, we are able to offer a range of services that can benefit customers in the renewable energy sector, including improved accuracy and precision in renewable energy technology components, increased efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process, and enhanced performance and durability of renewable energy technology.
Whether you are looking to improve existing technology or develop new solutions, Shield Engineering are here to support your projects. 

Meet the team at Shield Engineering

Ash Dodds

Technical Director

Thomas Jones


Dan McGann

Production Manager

Chardonnay Summerfield

Admin Manager

Aimee-Mae Martin





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